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§ 1107. Ambulance Service Licensing Requirements.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 13. Motor Vehicles
Division 2. Department of the California Highway Patrol
Chapter 5. Special Vehicles
Article 1. Ambulances (Refs & Annos)
13 CCR § 1107
§ 1107. Ambulance Service Licensing Requirements.
Owners other than public agencies shall not permit their ambulances to respond to emergency calls unless they have obtained from the department a license to operate an emergency ambulance service. A license will be issued only to persons or entities operating 1 or more ambulances designed and operated exclusively as ambulances of which at least 1 is available 24 hours daily to provide emergency transportation.
(a) EXCEPTIONS. Exceptions to ambulance licensing requirements are as follows:
(1) License and vehicle identification certificate requirements shall not apply to publicly owned and operated ambulances, or vehicles operated as ambulances at the request of local authorities during any “state of war emergency,” duly proclaimed “state of emergency,” or “local emergency,” as defined in Government Code Section 8558.
(2) License requirements shall not prevent peace officers from arranging for the transportation of any person in need of emergency medical care when a licensed ambulance is not available and such transportation is immediately required.
(3) An ambulance service that provides service only for special events or industrial employees and does not respond to calls from the general public is exempt from 24-hour availability as a licensing prerequisite.
(b) License Applications.
(1) Ambulance license applications shall contain such information as the department may deem necessary to determine whether any owner, partner, officer, or director shall be disqualified for any of the reasons set forth in Vehicle Code Sections 2541 and 2542. Information may include the business name, owner's name, address, fingerprints, birth date, social security number, driver license number, and personal history.
(2) Every license application shall be signed and verified by the owner applicant or an authorized representative.
(3) Every license application shall be accompanied by a list of ambulances to be operated under the license with each ambulance identified by year make/model, vehicle identification number, and license plate number.
(4) Every application for an initial license shall also be accompanied by:
(A) A fee of $200.
(B) An inspection report on a form furnished by the department for each ambulance certifying satisfactory completion of a vehicle inspection performed not more than 30 days prior to the application date. The vehicle inspection shall be performed and the report signed by a representative of the department.
(C) An official brake adjustment certificate for each ambulance issued not more than 45 days prior to the application date. Submission of the certificate may be waived by the department when no licensed brake adjusting station is located within 30 miles provided the licensee certifies the brake system meets requirements of the Vehicle Code. The certificate will be waived if the ambulance qualifies under Section 430 of the Vehicle Code as a new vehicle.
(D) One acceptable fingerprint card for each applicant owner, partner, officer, director and controlling shareholder. The fingerprint card requirement may be waived upon application to the department from a corporation where the requirement would be burdensome because there exists a large number of officers, directors, or controlling shareholders.
(5) Every application for a renewal license shall also be accompanied by:
(A) A fee of $150.
(B) One acceptable fingerprint card for each applicant owner, partner, officer, director and controlling shareholder added since last licensed.
(c) License Cancellation and Replacement. An ambulance license may be cancelled without prejudice when it has been issued through error or voluntarily surrendered. Any person who has voluntarily surrendered his license may immediately apply for a replacement license for the unexpired term without fee.
(1) Any licensee who changes the name of the business or service from that on the license shall surrender the license to the department for cancellation within 10 days thereafter and may apply for a replacement license.
(2) Surrender and cancellation will be permitted at any time at the request of the licensee.
(d) Posting of Service Fees. The licensee shall establish and maintain a schedule of fees covering usual service charges. The schedule shall be prominently posted in the business office.
(e) Direct Telephone Service. 24-hour availability for service includes but is not limited to 24-hour maintenance of direct telephone service whereby both public agencies and the general public can request and obtain prompt emergency ambulance service.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 2402 and 2512, Vehicle Code. Reference: Sections 2501, 2502, 2503, 2504, 2512 and 2542, Vehicle Code.
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6. Repealer of subsection (b)(4)(D) and subsection relettering, and repealer of subsection (b)(5)(B) and subsection relettering filed 7-31-96; operative 8-30-96 (Register 96, No. 31).
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13 CCR § 1107, 13 CA ADC § 1107
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