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§ 708.9. Bighorn Sheep License Tags, Application, Distribution and Reporting Procedures.

14 CA ADC § 708.9Barclays Official California Code of Regulations

Barclays California Code of Regulations
Title 14. Natural Resources
Division 1. Fish and Game Commission--Department of Fish and Game (Refs & Annos)
Subdivision 3. General Regulations
Chapter 3. Miscellaneous
14 CCR § 708.9
§ 708.9. Bighorn Sheep License Tags, Application, Distribution and Reporting Procedures.
(a) Fund-raising Nelson bighorn ram license tags:
Fund-raising license tags for the taking of mature Nelson bighorn rams shall be sold for the purpose of raising funds to manage bighorn sheep. The department may designate a nonprofit organization to sell this fund-raising tag. The department may conduct a random drawing to distribute fund-raising tags. Any resident or nonresident is eligible to buy the tag. The sale price of a fund-raising license tag shall include the fee for processing and issuing an annual hunting license for the purchaser or any person designated by the purchaser. A fund-raising license tag distributed through a department random drawing does not include the fee for processing and issuing an annual hunting license. The purchasers of fund-raising license tags shall complete a required hunter orientation program conducted by the department and meet the hunter education requirements for a hunting license. The fund-raising license tags are defined in subsection 362(b).
(b) General Nelson bighorn ram license tags:
(1) The general Nelson bighorn ram license tags shall be issued by drawing, as described in Section 708.14.
(2) Applicants shall apply, and pay a nonrefundable processing fee as specified in Section 702, through the department's Automated License Data System terminals at any department license agent or department license sales office on or before June 2 each year.
(3) Applicants shall be California residents or nonresidents, at least 16 years of age on or before July 1 of the license year for which they are applying
(4) Applicants shall possess an annual California hunting license that is valid during the bighorn ram season for which they are applying.
(5) Applicants shall not have been awarded a Nelson bighorn ram license tag in the department's big game drawing.
(6) Applicants shall apply for only one designated zone.
(7) No applicant shall submit more than one application per license year.
(8) Incomplete, late and ineligible applications and applications submitted without the appropriate processing fee will not be included in the drawing and the applicant will not earn a preference point.
(9) Successful applicants and a list of alternates for each zone shall be determined by drawing within 10 business days following the application deadline date. If the drawing is delayed due to circumstances beyond the department's control, the department shall conduct the drawing at the earliest date possible.
(10) Not more than ten percent (10%) of general license tags shall be awarded to nonresidents each year.
(11) Unsuccessful applicants shall not be notified by mail. Successful applicants will be mailed notification as soon as practical. Upon receipt of the notification, the applicant shall submit the appropriate tag fee, as specified in Section 702, through the department's Automated License Data System terminals at the department's License and Revenue Branch. The tag fee shall be received by the department by 5:00 p.m. on July 15 each year. If the deadline to submit the fee falls on a weekend or holiday payment will be accepted until the close of business on the first state business day following the deadline to submit payment.
(12) Should the quota for each zone remain unfilled after that date, the alternate lists shall be used. Successful applicants shall be issued tags only after successfully completing the required hunter orientation program conducted by the department.
(c) Tagholder Responsibilities:
(1) Only persons possessing valid Nelson bighorn sheep license tags are entitled to hunt bighorn sheep. Tags shall not be transferable and are valid only in the zone or zones specified.
(2) Individuals awarded a fund-raising license tag and all successful applicants for general license tags shall attend and successfully complete a mandatory hunter orientation program. Licensed guides employed by successful applicants and the fund-raising license tag buyer shall accompany their clients to this orientation program.
(3) All successful bighorn sheep tag holders shall have their tags validated. All tags shall be returned to the department within 10 days after the close of the season, even though the tagholder may not have killed a Nelson bighorn ram.
(4) Upon the killing of any bighorn sheep, the tag holder shall immediately fill out all portions of the tag including the report card completely, legibly, and permanently, and cut out or punch out and completely remove notches or punch holes for the month and date of the kill. License tags shall be attached to the carcass of a bighorn ram immediately after the animal is killed.
(5) All tag holders will be notified by mail as to whether they will be required to report to the department before hunting and upon completion of hunting. The notification shall contain procedures for reporting, including appropriate methods of contacting the department.
(6) The tagholder shall surrender his tag to an employee of the department for any or all of the following reasons:
(A) Any act on the part of the tagholder which violates any of the provisions of the Fish and Game Code, or any regulations of the commission.
(B) Any act on the part of the tagholder which endangers the person or property of others. The decision of the department in such respects shall be final and binding upon the tagholder.


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1. New section filed 7-8-2011; operative 7-8-2011 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2011, No. 27).
2. Amendment of subsection (a), repealer of subsection (a)(1), amendment of subsection (a)(10) and amendment of Note filed 6-25-2013; operative 7-1-2013 pursuant to Fish and Game Code section 202 (Register 2013, No. 26).
3. Change without regulatory effect amending Note filed 8-8-2019 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2019, No. 32).
This database is current through 11/24/23 Register 2023, No. 47.
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