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§ 55732. Ongoing Responsibilities of the Chancellor.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 5. Education
Division 6. California Community Colleges
Chapter 6. Curriculum and Instruction
Subchapter 8. Academic Calendar
Article 2. Flexible Calendar Operations
5 CCR § 55732
§ 55732. Ongoing Responsibilities of the Chancellor.
The Chancellor shall:
(a) Adjust state aid for districts with approved flexible calendar operations in accordance with the provisions of section 55729;
(b) Periodically review documentation from selected districts to determine whether they are in compliance with the provisions of sections 55720, 55726, 55728, and 55730, and to determine whether they are conducting their flexible calendar operations in a manner consistent with the approved requests. Districts which are found to be out of compliance shall be notified and be given an opportunity to respond; and
(c) Terminate approval of any flexible calendar operation if it is found that the district has, without good cause:
(1) failed to conduct its flexible calendar operation in a manner consistent with its approved request;
(2) failed to comply with the requirements of section 55720;
(3) failed to carry out the responsibilities specified in section 55726; or
(4) failed to meet its ongoing responsibilities as specified in section 55730.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 66700, 70901 and 84890, Education Code. Reference: Section 84890, Education Code.
1. Amendment filed 10-25-91; operative 11-24-91 (Register 92, No. 7).
2. Amendment filed 5-15-93; operative 6-14-93 (Register 93, No. 25).
3. Amendment of subsections (a)-(b), new subsection (c)(2) and subsection renumbering filed 7-17-2007; operative 8-16-2007. Submitted to OAL for printing only pursuant to Education Code section 70901.5 (Register 2007, No. 35).
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5 CCR § 55732, 5 CA ADC § 55732
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