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§ 70705. Medical Staff, Residents, Interns and Students.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 22. Social Security
Division 5. Licensing and Certification of Health Facilities, Home Health Agencies, Clinics, and Referral Agencies
Chapter 1. General Acute Care Hospitals
Article 7. Administration (Refs & Annos)
22 CCR § 70705
§ 70705. Medical Staff, Residents, Interns and Students.
(a) The hospital shall not permit any physician, dentist, podiatrist, or clinical psychologist or any medical, dental, podiatric or clinical psychology resident, intern or student to perform any service for which a license, certificate of registration or other form of approval is required unless such person is licensed, registered, approved or is exempted therefrom under the provisions of the State Medical Practice Act, the State Dental Practice Act, the State Podiatric Practice Act, or the State Psychology Licensing Law and, further, unless such services are performed under the direct supervision of licensed practitioner whenever so required by law.
(b) If patient care is provided by residents, interns and medical students, such care shall be in accordance with the provisions of a program approved by and in conformity with: the Council on Education of the American Medical Association, the American Osteopathic Association Board of Trustees through the Committee on postdoctoral training and the Bureau of Professional Education, the American Dental Association, the American Podiatry Association, or the Education and Training Board of the American Psychological Association and/or the residency training programs of the respective specialty boards.
(c) Except in an emergency, all other patient care by interns, house officers, residents or persons with equivalent titles, not provided as specified in subdivision (b) of this section, must be provided by a practitioner with a current license to practice in California.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 208(a) and 1275, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 1276, 1315, 1316 and 1316.5, Health and Safety Code.
1. Amendment filed 2-8-83; designated effective 3-2-83 (Register 83, No. 7).
This database is current through 7/29/22 Register 2022, No. 30
22 CCR § 70705, 22 CA ADC § 70705
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