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§ 933.5. Stocking Status.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 14. Natural Resources
Division 1.5. Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Chapter 4. Forest Practices
Subchapter 5. Northern Forest District Rules*
Article 3. Silvicultural Methods
14 CCR § 933.5
§ 933.5. Stocking Status.
Under any Regeneration Method where artificial regeneration is specified in the Plan to restock the logged area, a preliminary report on the degree of Stocking shall be submitted to the Director annually, between October 1 and December 31, beginning two years following completion of logging by the Timber Owner or his/her agent until the Stocking standard of 14 CCR § 932.7 is met or exceeded or as otherwise required. This report shall indicate the degree of Stocking achieved and any additional measures that will be taken to stock the logged area.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 4551 and 4561, Public Resources Code. Reference: Sections 4561, 4587 and 4588, Public Resources Code.
1. Amendment filed 2-27-80; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 80, No. 9).
2. Repealer and new section filed 1-11-83; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 83, No. 3).
3. Change without regulatory effect amending section filed 12-20-2017 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2017, No. 51).
This database is current through 7/29/22 Register 2022, No. 30
14 CCR § 933.5, 14 CA ADC § 933.5
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