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§ 18703. Public Generally.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 2. Administration
Division 6. Fair Political Practices Commission
Chapter 7. Conflicts of Interest
Article 1. Conflicts of Interest; General Prohibition (Refs & Annos)
2 CCR § 18703
§ 18703. Public Generally.
(a) General Rule. A governmental decision's financial effect on a public official's financial interest is indistinguishable from its effect on the public generally if the official establishes that a significant segment of the public is affected and the effect on his or her financial interest is not unique compared to the effect on the significant segment.
(b) A significant segment of the public is at least 25 percent of:
(1) All businesses or non-profit entities within the official's jurisdiction;
(2) All real property, commercial real property, or residential real property within the official's jurisdiction; or
(3) All individuals within the official's jurisdiction.
(c) A unique effect on a public official's financial interest includes a disproportionate effect on:
(1) The development potential or use of the official's real property or on the income producing potential of the official's real property or business entity.
(2) An official's business entity or real property resulting from the proximity of a project that is the subject of a decision.
(3) An official's interests in business entities or real properties resulting from the cumulative effect of the official's multiple interests in similar entities or properties that is substantially greater than the effect on a single interest.
(4) An official's interest in a business entity or real property resulting from the official's substantially greater business volume or larger real property size when a decision affects all interests by the same or similar rate or percentage.
(5) A person's income, investments, assets or liabilities, or real property if the person is a source of income or gifts to the official.
(6) An official's personal finances or those of his or her immediate family.
(d) “Jurisdiction” means the jurisdiction of the state or local government agency as defined in Section 82035, or the designated geographical area the official was elected to represent, or the area to which the official's authority and duties are limited if not elected.
(e) Specific Rules for Special Circumstances. The financial effect on a public official's financial interest is deemed indistinguishable from that of the public generally if the official establishes:
(1) Public Services and Utilities. The decision establishes or adjusts assessments, taxes, fees, or rates for water, utility, or other broadly provided public services or facilities that are applied equally, proportionally, or by the same percentage to the official's interest and other businesses, properties, or individuals subject to the assessment, tax, fee, or rate.
(2) General Use or Licensing Fees. The decision affects the official's personal finances as a result of an increase or decrease to a general fee or charge, such as parking rates, permits, license fees, application fees, or any general fee that applies to the entire jurisdiction.
(3) Limited Neighborhood Effects. The decision affects residential real property limited to a specific location, and the decision establishes, amends, or eliminates ordinances that restrict on-street parking, impose traffic controls, deter vagrancy, reduce nuisance or improve public safety, provided the body making the decision gathers sufficient evidence to support the need for the action at the specific location.
(4) Rental Properties. The decision affects all renters of residential property within the official's jurisdiction and only interests resulting from the official's leasehold interest in his or her residence are affected.
(5) Required Representative Interest. The decision is made by a board or commission and the law that establishes the board or commission requires certain appointees have a representative interest in a particular industry, trade, or profession or other identified interest, and the public official is an appointed member representing that interest. This provision applies only if the effect is on the industry, trade, or profession or other identified interest represented and there is no unique effect on the official's interest.
(6) State of Emergency. The decision is made pursuant to an official proclamation of a state of emergency when required to mitigate against the effects directly arising out of the emergency and there is no unique effect on the official's interest.
(7) Governmental Entities. The decision affects a federal, state, or local governmental entity in which the official has an interest and there is no unique effect on the official's interest.
Note: Authority cited: Section 83112, Government Code. Reference: Sections 87100, 87102.5, 87102.6, 87102.8 and 87103, Government Code.
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11. Amendment of section heading and repealer and new section filed 5-18-2015; operative 6-17-2015. Submitted to OAL for filing pursuant to Fair Political Practices Commission v. Office of Administrative Law, 3 Civil C010924, California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, nonpublished decision, April 27, 1992 (FPPC regulations only subject to 1974 Administrative Procedure Act rulemaking requirements) (Register 2015, No. 21).
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2 CCR § 18703, 2 CA ADC § 18703
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