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§ 3700. Application for Examination.


Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness
Title 23. Waters
Division 3. State Water Resources Control Board and Regional Water Quality Control Boards
Chapter 26. Wastewater Treatment Plant Classification, Operator Certification, and Contract Operator Registration
Article 7. Examination for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
23 CCR § 3700
§ 3700. Application for Examination.
(a) A person may apply to take an examination at any grade level if the applicant has completed the education required in section 3687 for that grade level before the final filing date for the examination. An application for an examination shall include:
(1) the applicant's full name, mailing address, and telephone number;
(2) the applicant's original signature;
(3) a copy of a high school diploma or equivalent; college transcripts; graduate school transcripts; report cards; certificates of completion for wastewater treatment and management courses; and chemical, civil, or mechanical engineering registrations issued by California or another state, a territory, or an Indian tribe, to verify completion of education requirements;
(4) additional information, evidence, statements, or documents to support the application for examination as requested by the Office of Operator Certification; and
(5) the application fee for an examination and the examination fee as prescribed in article 10.
(b) Applications for examination shall be received by the Office of Operator Certification by the final filing date as prescribed in section 3701(a). Complete applications received after the final filing date shall not be processed for the current examination, but shall be held over and processed for the next scheduled examination.
(c)(1) The Office of Operator Certification shall notify applicants in writing within 30 days of receipt of an application whether it is complete or deficient and shall identify any deficiency.
(2) If the deficiency is not corrected before the final filing date for the examination, the application shall not be approved. The applicant shall be required to complete a new application to take a subsequent examination and pay the application fee for an examination. If the applicant has paid the examination fee, it will be applied to a future examination.
(d) An applicant who is scheduled to take an examination and wants to request a change of testing location or have the application held until the next examination date must make the request at least 30 days before the scheduled examination. If the applicant fails to attend the next examination, the applicant may apply to take a subsequent examination by submitting a new examination application and the application fee for examination.
(e) An applicant who has paid the examination fee, but does not take an examination, may request a refund of the examination fee from the Office of Operator Certification.
Note: Authority cited: Sections 1058, 13627 and 13628, Water Code. Reference: Sections 13627 and 13628, Water Code.
1. Repealer and new article 5 and section filed 6-24-92; operative 6-24-92 pursuant to Government Code section 11346.2(d) (Register 92, No. 26). For prior history, see Register 86, No. 26.
2. Amendment of subsections (a)(5) and (e) filed 7-28-94; operative 8-29-94 (Register 94, No. 30).
3. Editorial correction of History (Register 94, No. 30).
4. Amendment of subsections (b), (c), (e), and (f) filed 3-27-98; operative 4-26-98 (Register 98, No. 13).
5. Repealer of former article 5 heading and repealer and new section filed 1-28-2013; operative 4-1-2013 (Register 2013, No. 5).
This database is current through 6/17/22 Register 2022, No. 24
23 CCR § 3700, 23 CA ADC § 3700
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