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Rule 1.14. Exhibits

Arizona Revised Statutes AnnotatedLocal Rules of Practice Superior Court

Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated
Local Rules of Practice Superior Court (Refs & Annos)
Graham County (Refs & Annos)
Rule 1. Administration and General Procedure
17C A.R.S. Super.Ct.Local Prac.Rules, Graham County, Rule 1.14
Rule 1.14. Exhibits
A. Entry into File. Exhibits attached to a pleading or other filed paper shall be so mounted, folded and affixed that after the pleading or paper is fastened into the court files, the exhibits can be clearly, freely and easily read and examined without having to be removed from the file or loosened from their fasteners.
B. Control by Clerk. Exhibits marked for identification or introduced as evidence shall be under the control of the clerk and shall be secured in a manner prescribed by the clerk during a hearing or trial, unless otherwise ordered by the court.
C. Audio, Video and Other Sound Reproductions. When a party intends to offer an audiotape, videotape or other exhibit that reproduces sound as evidence of the substance of the words spoken, a transcription of that portion intended to be played for the trier of fact shall be made and concurrently offered in evidence as the court's exhibit. The proponent of the exhibit shall cause that portion to be transcribed and shall present it to opposing counsel for comparison against the audio exhibit sufficiently in advance of trial or hearing so that the court can determine any issues of accuracy of transcription or the quality of tape for evidentiary value.


Added and effective June 9, 2005.
17C A. R. S. Super. Ct. Local Prac. Rules, Graham County, Rule 1.14, AZ ST GRAHAM SUPER CT Rule 1.14
The Code of Judicial Administration is current with amendments received through 3/1/20. All other state court rules are current with amendments received through 2/15/20.
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