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Rule 20. Pretrial Statements and Conferences--Discovery

Arizona Revised Statutes AnnotatedLocal Rules of Practice Superior Court

Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated
Local Rules of Practice Superior Court (Refs & Annos)
Apache County (Refs & Annos)
Pretrial and Trial Procedures
17C A.R.S. Super.Ct.Local Prac.Rules, Apache County, Rule 20
Rule 20. Pretrial Statements and Conferences--Discovery
a. Civil Pretrial Statements. Thorough pretrial statements containing all the information required by Rule 16(d), Rules of Civil Procedure, shall be filed with the Court no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the date of trial.
b. Request for Pretrial Conference. In a civil action, either party may request a pretrial conference as provided in Rule 16(b), Rules of Civil Procedure, or the Court may set a pretrial conference on its own initiative.
c. Criminal Pretrial Statement and Conference. In accordance with this rule and the Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Court may require a pretrial statement and conference in criminal cases.
d. Duty to Prepare. Preparation of the pretrial statement shall be upon initiative of the plaintiff in a civil action, or the state in a criminal action, or as otherwise directed by the Court.
e. Pretrial Conference. In both criminal and civil cases, in addition to the matters set forth in the pretrial statement, the Court will consider and counsel shall be prepared to discuss:
(1) Motions deferred to the pretrial conference and legal issues expected to be encountered at trial.
(2) Any matter by way of stipulation, pleading or proof that may simplify the issues or expedite the trial.
(3) Requirements of necessity of filing trial briefs.
(4) Number of jurors, alternates, jury selection.
(5) Exhibits.
(6) Order of trial.
(7) Length of trial.
(8) The need for an interpreter.
(9) Special rules of Court.
(10) Requirements for proposed jury instructions or jury interrogatories.
(11) Requirements with regard to voir dire questions.
(12) The possibility of compromise, plea bargain or settlement; however, nothing with respect thereto shall be admissible in any future proceeding, in accordance with Rule 408, Arizona Rules of Evidence.


Adopted March 3, 1993, effective June 1, 1993. Amended March 7, 2001, effective July 1, 2001; Oct. 20, 2021, effective Jan. 1, 2022.
17C A. R. S. Super. Ct. Local Prac. Rules, Apache County, Rule 20, AZ ST APACHE SUPER CT Rule 20
State Court Rules are current with amendments received through May 15, 2024. The Code of Judicial Administration is current with amendments received through May 15, 2024.
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