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Rule 3.6. Affiliation with Discriminatory Organizations

Arizona Revised Statutes AnnotatedRules of the Supreme Court of ArizonaEffective: September 1, 2019

Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated
Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona (Refs & Annos)
VII. Judicial Ethics (Refs & Annos)
Rule 81. Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct (Refs & Annos)
Canon 3. A Judge Shall Conduct the Judge's Extrajudicial Activities to Minimize the Risk of Conflict with the Obligations of Judicial Office (Refs & Annos)
Effective: September 1, 2019
A.R.S. Sup.Ct.Rules, Rule 81, Code of Jud.Conduct, Rule 3.6
Rule 3.6. Affiliation with Discriminatory Organizations
(A) A judge shall not hold membership in any organization that practices invidious discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, religion, national origin, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
(B) A judge shall not use the benefits or facilities of an organization if the judge knows or should know that the organization practices invidious discrimination on one or more of the bases identified in paragraph (A). A judge's attendance at an event in a facility of an organization that the judge is not permitted to join is not a violation of this Rule when the judge's attendance is an isolated event that could not reasonably be perceived as an endorsement of the organization's practices.
(C) A judge's membership or participation in a religious organization as a lawful exercise of the freedom of religion, or a judge's membership or participation in an organization that engages in expressive activity from which the judge cannot be excluded consistent with the judge's lawful exercise of his or her freedom of expression or association, is not a violation of this rule.


Added June 2, 2009, effective Sept. 1, 2009.
17A Pt. 2 A. R. S. Sup. Ct. Rules, Rule 81, Code of Jud. Conduct, Rule 3.6, AZ ST S CT RULE 81 CJC Rule 3.6
State Court Rules are current with amendments received and effective through May 15, 2023. The Code of Judicial Administration is current with amendments received through May 15, 2023.
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