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Rule 34. Compliance Proceedings

Arizona Revised Statutes AnnotatedRules of the Commission on Judicial Conduct

Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated
Rules of the Commission on Judicial Conduct (Refs & Annos)
Section E. Special Proceedings
17C A.R.S. Jud.Conduct Comm.Rules of Proc., Rule 34
Rule 34. Compliance Proceedings
(a) Compliance procedure. Whenever the commission or supreme court enters an order of discipline that includes terms and conditions prescribing behavior or requiring a corrective course of action by the judge, commission staff shall investigate, evaluate, and report on compliance with the order. If the commission has reason to believe that further disciplinary action is appropriate, the commission may reopen any suspended matter, hold additional hearings, or initiate further proceedings consistent with the these rules.
(b) Certificate of compliance. Upon completion of a course of action prescribed by the commission, the judge may submit an application for a certificate of compliance and such other information in support of the application as the judge deems appropriate. The commission shall consider the application and supporting material and may find that the judge has complied with or satisfied the terms and conditions of the disciplinary order. If the commission finds the application persuasive, it may dispense with further compliance proceedings and may issue a certificate or order certifying the judge's compliance with the disciplinary order. Alternatively, the commission may deny the application and may recommend to the supreme court, with or without an additional hearing, further disciplinary action consistent with these rules.
(c) Other powers. This rule does not limit any other power to enforce an order of the commission or decision of the supreme court.


Added by Order dated Oct. 11, 2001, effective Jan. 1, 2002. Amended June 8, 2004, effective Dec. 1, 2004; June 15, 2004, nunc pro tunc June 8, 2004.
17C A. R. S. Jud. Conduct Comm. Rules of Proc., Rule 34, AZ ST J COND COMM Rule 34
State Court Rules are current with amendments received through April 1, 2024. The Code of Judicial Administration is current with amendments received through April 1, 2024.
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