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Rule 7. Answers

Arizona Revised Statutes AnnotatedRules of Procedure for Eviction ActionsEffective: January 1, 2023

Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated
Rules of Procedure for Eviction Actions
Effective: January 1, 2023
17B A.R.S. Rules Proc. Evic. Act., Rule 7
Rule 7. Answers
On or before the initial return date, the defendant shall answer, indicating whether the defendant admits or denies the allegations of the complaint. If the defendant does not have sufficient information to determine whether or not an allegation of the complaint is true, the defendant shall so state. The defendant's answer shall also state in short and plain terms any defenses the defendant wishes to assert to the plaintiff's claims. No fee may be imposed for filing an answer.


Added Dec. 9, 2008, effective Jan. 1, 2009. Amended on an emergency basis Aug. 29, 2022, effective Sept. 24, 2022, permanently adopted Dec. 8, 2022, effective Jan. 1, 2023.
17B A. R. S. Rules Proc. Evic. Act., Rule 7, AZ ST EVICTION Rule 7
State Court Rules are current with amendments received through May 15, 2024. The Code of Judicial Administration is current with amendments received through May 15, 2024.
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