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Rule 2.1. Form of Pleadings

Arizona Revised Statutes AnnotatedLocal Rules of Practice Superior Court

Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated
Local Rules of Practice Superior Court (Refs & Annos)
Pinal County (Refs & Annos)
Rule 2. General Procedures
17C A.R.S. Super. Ct. Local Rules--Pinal County, Rule 2.1
Rule 2.1. Form of Pleadings
a. Number Assignment and Designation of Division: The clerk shall assign a chronological number to every case filed with the court and indicate which division of the court the case has been assigned. After preliminary assignment by the clerk, the party filing any pleading, motion, memorandum or other paper in the case shall indicate below the case number the division of the court and name of the judge to whom the case has been assigned.
b. Commonality of Claims in a Civil Action: All persons may be joined in one civil action as defendants if any right to relief is asserted against them jointly, severally, or in the alternative, with respect to or arising out of the same transaction, occurrence, or series of transactions or occurrences and if any question of law or fact common to all defendants will arise in the action. The court shall apply the standard for permissive joinder, Rule 20(a), Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, and may order that claims be severed and, upon the payment, deferral, or waiver of all required filing fees, refiled in a separate civil action.
c. Amended Pleadings: Any party filing an amended pleading shall retype and submit the entire pleading and may not incorporate by reference any part of the earlier pleadings and exhibits. The amended portion shall be highlighted by either bold or italicized text.
d. Legibility of Pleadings: A judge who receives a handwritten pleading which is not legible may return the pleading to the party with instructions that it be redone so it is readable by the court and the parties.
e. Sanctions: The clerk may discretionarily refuse to file any pleading, document, or paper which fails to conform to this rule, but must provide the filing party with an explanation consistent with Rule 5.1(b)(1), Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure.


Adopted Aug. 30, 2017, effective Jan. 2, 2018.
<The Pinal County Superior Court Local Rules were abrogated, and replacement rules were adopted August 30, 2017, effective January 2, 2018.>
17C A. R. S. Super. Ct. Local Prac. Rules, Pinal County, Rule 2.1, AZ ST PINAL SUPER CT Rule 2.1
State Court Rules are current with amendments received through April 1, 2024. The Code of Judicial Administration is current with amendments received through April 1, 2024.
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