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006.05.307-26-51-410. INVENTORY

AR ADC 006.05.307-26-51-410Arkansas Administrative Code

West's Arkansas Administrative Code
Title 006. Department of Finance and Administration
Division 05. Division of Revenues
Rule 307. Comprehensive Individual Income Tax Regulations (Refs & Annos)
Ark. Admin. Code 006.05.307-26-51-410
006.05.307-26-51-410. INVENTORY
1.26-51-410 What Constitutes Inventory
In order to reflect the net income correctly, inventories at the beginning and end of each year are necessary in every case in which the production, purchase, or sale of merchandise is an income-producing factor. The inventory should include raw materials and supplies on hand that have been acquired for sale, consumption or use in productive processes, together with all finished or partly finished goods. Only merchandise, title to which is vested in taxpayer, should be included in the inventory. Accordingly, the seller should include in his inventory goods under contract for sale but not yet segregated and applied to the contract and goods out upon consignment but should exclude from inventory goods sold, title to which has passed to the purchaser. A purchaser should include in inventory merchandise purchased, title to which has passed to him, although such merchandise is in transit or for other reasons has not been reduced to physical possession, but should not include goods ordered for future delivery, transfer of title to which has not yet been affected.
There are two tests to which each inventory must conform:
1. It must conform as nearly as may be to the best accounting practice in the trade or business.
2. It must clearly reflect the income.
Current with amendments received through May 15, 2024. Some sections may be more current, see credit for details.
Ark. Admin. Code 006.05.307-26-51-410, AR ADC 006.05.307-26-51-410
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