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109.04.6-III. General Project Records.

AR ADC 109.04.6-IIIArkansas Administrative Code

West's Arkansas Administrative Code
Title 109. Development Finance Authority
Division 04. Multi-Family Housing
Rule 6. Compliance Monitoring Policies and Procedures Manual for the Home Program
Ark. Admin. Code 109.04.6-III
109.04.6-III. General Project Records.
ADFA staff will review Project records for the following documents:
1. Description of each HOME-assisted activity;
2. Copy of site plan to show the location of building and units;
3. Sources and application of funding;
4. Number of units and identification of units or tenants associated with HOME funds;
5. Identification of all sources of rental assistance, as applicable;
6. Compliance with maximum per-unit subsidy limits and subsidy layering guidelines;
7. Compliance with minimum property standards;
8. Compliance with lead-based paint requirements for projects constructed before January 1, 1978, specifically, we expect the file to contain the following forms, as applicable to each file:
Disclosure Notices
Risk Assessment Reports
Notices of Hazard Reduction and Clearance Reports
Copy of Work Write-up and Contractors' Bids for the job
Evidence that qualified workers were employed (e.g. copies of contractor's certificates, licenses, etc.)
Response to children with elevated blood lead level
9. Compliance with income targeting, affordability and lease requirements;
10. Evidence of compliance with Consolidated Plan;
11. Bank statements that show amounts in the reserve accounts, security deposit accounts, and operating funds accounts.
12. For TBRA, compliance with written tenant selection policies, lease provisions and other applicable requirements; and
13. Retention of Development records as listed in the HOME Agreement ADFA, in it sole discretion, may require additional documentation as needed to conduct a comprehensive compliance audit.
Current with amendments received through May 15, 2024. Some sections may be more current, see credit for details.
Ark. Admin. Code 109.04.6-III, AR ADC 109.04.6-III
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