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109.04.6-II. Program Records.

AR ADC 109.04.6-IIArkansas Administrative Code

West's Arkansas Administrative Code
Title 109. Development Finance Authority
Division 04. Multi-Family Housing
Rule 6. Compliance Monitoring Policies and Procedures Manual for the Home Program
Ark. Admin. Code 109.04.6-II
109.04.6-II. Program Records.
We recommend that each project owner or manager prepare a binder titled “ADFA HOME Compliance” for each project. Since the information in the binder will be reviewed by ADFA staff during each visit, the binder must contain copies of the following:
1. HOME Application for funding (current on top);
2. HOME Agreements (current on top);
3. Previous monitoring reviews, audits, and correspondence by ADFA, Rural Development, HUD, etc);
4. Evidence of compliance with Section 3 Policy (ensure that employment and other economic opportunities generated by Federal financial assistance for housing and community development programs be directed, to the greatest extent feasible, toward low- and very-low income persons, particularly those who are recipients of government assistance for housing);
5. Current Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan;
6. Racial Data on head of household for statistical purposes only and to verify program beneficiaries;
7. Completed ADFA Fair Housing Data Sheet;
8. HOME Rents and HOME Income Limits (current on top); these are available on the HUD or ADFA web sites;
9. Utility Allowances (current on top);
10. Leases;
11. Tenant Selection Criteria;
12. Total number and location of HOME units in the property, and identified as “floating” or fixed”;
13. Rents charged on each unit,
14. Change in ownership documentation, if applicable;
15. CHDO Approval Certification from ADFA, if applicable (current on top); and
16. Evidence of paid real estate taxes and homeowners insurance, as applicable for homebuyer/homeowner program.
Current with amendments received through May 15, 2024. Some sections may be more current, see credit for details.
Ark. Admin. Code 109.04.6-II, AR ADC 109.04.6-II
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