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007.05.10-58. Physical Facilities, Pharmacy.

AR ADC 007.05.10-58Arkansas Administrative Code

West's Arkansas Administrative Code
Title 007. Department of Health
Division 05. Health Facility Services
Rule 10. Rules for Critical Access Hospitals in Arkansas (Refs & Annos)
Ark. Admin. Code 007.05.10-58
007.05.10-58. Physical Facilities, Pharmacy.
The size and type of services to be provided in the pharmacy can largely depend upon the type of medication distribution system used, number of patients to be served, and extent of shared or purchased services. This shall be described in the functional program. The pharmacy room or suite shall be located for convenient access, staff control, and security. Facilities and equipment shall be as necessary to commodate the functions of the program. See Section 16, Pharmacy, for additional requirements. (Satellite facilities, if provided, shall include those items required by the program.) As a minimum, the following elements shall be included:
A. Dispensing.
1. A pickup and receiving area.
2. An area for reviewing and recording.
3. An extemporaneous compounding area that includes a sink and sufficient counter space for medication preparation.
4. Work counters and space for automated and manual dispensing activities.
5. An area for temporary storage, exchange, and restocking of carts.
6. Security provisions for medications and personnel in the dispensing counter area.
B. Manufacturing.
1. A bulk compounding area.
2. Provisions for packaging and labeling.
3. A quality control area.
C. Storage (may be cabinets, shelves, and/or separate rooms or closets).
1. Bulk storage.
2. Active storage.
3. Refrigerated storage.
4. Volatile fluids and alcohol storage constructed according to applicable fire safety codes for the substances involved.
5. Double-locked storage for controlled substances.
6. Storage for general supplies and equipment not in use.
D. Administration.
1. An area for education and training (may be in a multipurpose room shared with other departments).
2. An area for patient counseling and instruction (may be in a room separate from the pharmacy).
3. A separate area for office functions.
E. Other.
1. Handwashing stations shall be provided within each separate room where open medication is handled and readily accessible.
2. Provide for convenient access to toilet and locker.
3. If unit dose procedure is used, provide additional space and equipment for supplies, packaging, labeling, and storage, as well as for the carts.
4. If IV solutions are prepared in the pharmacy, provide a sterile work area with a laminar-flow work station designed for product protection. The laminar-flow system shall include a nonhydroscopic filter (HEPA) rated at 99.97 percent, as tested by DOP tests and have a visible pressure gauge for detection of filter leaks or defects.
5. Hoods used for chemotherapy shall be 100percent exhausted to the exterior.
6. As a minimum the partitions enclosing the pharmacy shall extend from the floor to the deck above, with gypsum board on both sides of metal studs.


Amended Jan. 1, 2016.
<Statutory authority: Promulgated under the Authority of Ark. Code Ann. ยง 20-7-123, 20-9-201 et seq.>
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Ark. Admin. Code 007.05.10-58, AR ADC 007.05.10-58
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