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007.05.10-52. Physical Facilities, Imaging Suite.

AR ADC 007.05.10-52Arkansas Administrative Code

West's Arkansas Administrative Code
Title 007. Department of Health
Division 05. Health Facility Services
Rule 10. Rules for Critical Access Hospitals in Arkansas (Refs & Annos)
Ark. Admin. Code 007.05.10-52
007.05.10-52. Physical Facilities, Imaging Suite.
A. General.
1. Equipment and space shall be as required by the functional program.
2. A certified physicist or other qualified expert shall specify the type, location, and amount of radiation protection to be installed in accordance with the final approved department layout and equipment selections. Where protected alcoves with view windows are required, a minimum of one foot six inches between the view window and the outside partition edge shall be provided. Radiation protection requirements shall be incorporated into the specifications and the building plans.
3. Radiation Control and Emergency Management shall be notified when any existing and/or new equipment has been relocated or introduced into the facility. Radiation Control approval for the equipment(s) and space(s) shall be obtained prior to use.
B. Angiography.
1. Space shall be provided as required by the functional program.
2. A control room shall be provided as necessary to meet the needs of the functional program. A view window in the control room shall be provided to permit full view of the patient.
3. A viewing area shall be provided.
4. A scrub sink located outside the staff entry to the procedure room shall be provided for use by staff.
5. A patient holding area shall be provided.
6. Storage for portable equipment and supplies shall be provided.
7. Provision shall be made within the facility for extended post-procedure observation of outpatients.
C. Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanning.
1. A control room shall be provided which is designed to accommodate the computer and other controls for the equipment. A view window shall be provided to permit full view of the patient. The angle between the control and equipment centroid shall permit the control operator to see the patient's head.
2. The control room shall be located to allow convenient film processing.
3. A patient toilet room shall be convenient to the procedure room, and if directly accessible to the scan room, arranged so that a patient may leave the toilet without having to reenter the scan room.
D. Diagnostic X-ray (e.g., Tomography, Radiography/Fluoroscopy Rooms, Mammography). Radiology rooms shall be of a size to accommodate the functional program. Each X-ray room shall include a shielded control alcove. This area shall be provided with a view window designed to provide full view of the examination table and the patient at all times, including full view of the patient when the table is in the tilt position or the chest X-ray is being utilized. For mammography machines with built-in shielding for the operator, the alcove may be omitted when approved by the certified physicist or state radiation protection agency.
E. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
1. Space shall be provided as required by the functional program.
2. A control room shall be provided with full view of the MRI.
3. A computer room shall be provided.
4. A patient holding area should be located near the MRI unit.
5. Cryogen venting shall comply with manufacturer's recommendations.
F. Ultrasound.
1. Space shall be provided as required by the functional program.
2. A patient toilet room, accessible from the procedure room, shall be provided.
G. Support Spaces. The following spaces are common to the imaging department and are minimum requirements unless stated otherwise.
1. Patient Waiting Area. The area shall have a seating capacity in accordance with the functional program.
2. Control Desk and Reception Area.
3. Holding Area. A convenient holding area under staff control shall be provided to accommodate patients on stretchers or beds.
4. Patient Toilet Rooms. Toilet rooms shall be provided convenient to the waiting rooms and shall be equipped with an emergency call system. Separate toilets with handwashing stations shall be provided with direct access from each radiography/fluoroscopy room so that a patient may leave the toilet without having to reenter the radiography/fluoroscopy room. Rooms used only occasionally for fluoroscopy procedures may utilize nearby patient toilets if they are located for immediate access.
5. Patient Dressing Rooms. Dressing rooms shall be provided convenient to the waiting areas and X-ray rooms. Each room shall include a seat or bench, mirror, and provisions for hanging patients' clothing.
6. Staff Facilities. Toilets may be outside the suite but shall be convenient for staff use. In larger suites of three or more procedure rooms, toilets internal to the suite shall be provided.
7. Image Storage. Provisions shall be provided by the facility for the active and inactive image storage. A room with cabinet or shelves for filing patient image for immediate retrieval shall be provided. A room or area for inactive image storage shall be provided. It may be outside the imaging suite, but shall be under imaging's administrative control and properly secured to protect films against loss or damage.
8. Storage for Unexposed Image. Storage facilities for unexposed images shall include protection of film against exposure or damage and shall not be warmer than the air of adjacent occupied spaces.
9. Provisions for image viewing, individual consultation, clerical spaces and charting shall be provided.
10. Contrast Media Preparation. This area shall be provided with sink, counter, and storage to allow for mixing of contrast media. One preparation area, if conveniently located, may serve any number of rooms. When prepared media is used, this area may be omitted, but storage shall be provided for the media.
11. Image Processing Room. A darkroom shall be provided for image processing unless the processing equipment normally used does not require a darkroom for loading and transfer. When daylight processing is used, the darkroom may be minimal for emergency and special uses. Image processing shall be located convenient to the procedure rooms and to the quality control area.
12. Quality Control Area. An area shall be provided near the processor for viewing film immediately after it is processed. All view boxes shall be illuminated to provide light of the same color value and intensity for appropriate comparison of several adjacent images.
13. Cleanup Facilities. Provisions for cleanup shall be located within the suite for convenient access and use and shall include service sink or floor receptacle as well as storage space for equipment and supplies. If automatic film processors are used, a receptacle of adequate size with hot and cold water for cleaning the processor racks shall be provided.
14. Handwashing Stations. Handwashing stations shall be provided within each procedure room unless the room is used only for routine screening such as chest X-rays where the patient is not physically handled by the staff. Handwashing stations shall be provided convenient to the MRI room, but need not be within the room.
15. Clean Storage. Provisions shall be made for the storage of clean supplies and linens. If conveniently located, storage may be shared with another department.
16. Soiled Holding. Provisions shall be made for soiled holding. Separate provisions for contaminated handling and holding shall be made. Handwashing stations shall be provided.
17. Provision shall be made for locked storage of medications and drugs.
H. Cardiac Catheterization Lab.
Note: The number of procedure rooms and the size of the prep, holding, and recovery areas shall be based on expected utilization.
1. The cardiac catheterization lab is normally a separate suite, but may be within the imaging suite when the appropriate sterile environment is provided. It may be combined with angiography in low usage situations.
2. The procedure room shall be a minimum of 400square feet exclusive of fixed and movable cabinets and shelves.
3. A control room or area for the efficient functioning of the X-ray and image recording equipment. A view window permitting full view of the patient from the control console shall be provided.
4. An equipment room or enclosure large enough to contain x-ray transformers, power modules, and associated electronics and electrical gear shall be provided.
5. Scrub facilities with hands free operable controls shall be provided adjacent to the entrance of procedure rooms, and shall be arranged to minimize incidental splatter on nearby personnel, medical equipment, or supplies.
6. The following shall be available for use by the cardiac catheterization suite:
a. A viewing room;
b. A film file room.
7. Staff change area(s) shall be provided and arranged to ensure a traffic pattern so that personnel entering from outside the suite can enter, change their clothing, and move directly into the cardiac catheterization suite.
8. A patient preparation, holding, and recovery area or room shall be provided and arranged to provide visual observation before and after the procedure.
9. A clean workroom or clean supply room shall be provided. If the room is used for preparing patient care items, it shall contain a work counter and handwashing sink. If the room is used only for storage and holding of clean and sterile supply materials, the work counter and handwashing stations may be omitted.
10. A soiled workroom shall be provided which shall contain a handwashing and a clinical sink (or equivalent flushing rim fixtures). When the room is used for temporary holding of soiled materials, the clinical sink may be omitted.
11. A housekeeping closet containing a floor receptor or service sink and provisions for storage of supplies and housekeeping equipment shall be provided.


Amended Jan. 1, 2016.
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Ark. Admin. Code 007.05.10-52, AR ADC 007.05.10-52
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