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007.05.10-41. Recuperation Centers.

AR ADC 007.05.10-41Arkansas Administrative Code

West's Arkansas Administrative Code
Title 007. Department of Health
Division 05. Health Facility Services
Rule 10. Rules for Critical Access Hospitals in Arkansas (Refs & Annos)
Ark. Admin. Code 007.05.10-41
007.05.10-41. Recuperation Centers.
Any facility which includes inpatient beds with an organized Medical Staff, and with medical services including physician services and continuous nursing services to provide treatment for patients who are not in an acute phase of illness but who currently require primarily convalescent or restorative services, shall be considered a recuperation center and shall comply with applicable Sections 1, Authority, through 72, Physical Facilities, Electrical Standards.
A. Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement, Infection Prevention and Control, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, and Utilization Review.
1. The Recuperation Center shall maintain a Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement Committee consisting of the Nurse Manager, Medical Director, and at least three other members of the center's staff, which shall meet at least quarterly to provide oversight and direction for the center's quality assurance/performance improvement activities. Minutes of the Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement Committee shall be maintained.
2. QA/PI activities shall include ongoing monitoring, with identification of opportunities for improvement, actions taken, and evaluation of the results of actions. QA/PI activities shall be reported at least quarterly to the Medical Staff and Governing Body through the hospital-wide QA/PI program.
3. Reporting of all infection prevention and control, medication and utilization review issues specific to the center shall be evident in the minutes of the hospital-wide Infection Prevention and Control, Pharmacy and Therapeutics and Utilization Review Committees. Frequency of reporting shall be defined in policies and procedures consistent with State laws.
B. Patient identification. Patient armbands shall not be routinely used. Reasonable measures shall be used to identify patients.
C. Restraints. See Section 13, Restraints.
D. Documentation Requirements.
1. An assessment of the patient's needs shall be completed by a Registered Nurse on admission.
2. Each assessment shall be coordinated with all health professionals.
3. The interdisciplinary team shall develop a comprehensive care plan based on the patient's identified needs, measurable goals of treatment, methods of intervention, and documentation of resolution or continuance. There shall be documentation of the patient and family's participation in the development of the care plan.
4. Verbal/telephone orders shall be reduced to writing and countersigned by the physician.
E. Physical Environment. The requirements in Section 44, Physical Facilities, Patient Accommodations (Adult Medical, Surgical, Communicable or Pulmonary Disease) shall apply to recuperation centers with the following exceptions:
1. The patient dining, recreation, and day room(s) may be in separate or adjoining rooms and shall have a total of 35 square feet per patient bed.
2. Patient corridors shall have handrails on both sides of the corridors. A clear distance of one and one-half inches shall be provided between the handrail and the wall. The top of the gripping surface of handrails shall be 32 inches minimum and 36 inches maximum above the finish floor. Ends of handrails and grab bars shall be constructed to prevent snagging the clothes of patients. Exception, special care areas such as those serving children.
F. Health Information Services. Applicable parts of item D. of Section 14, Health Information Services and Section 15, Medical Record Requirements for Outpatient Services, Emergency Room, Observation Services and Psychiatric Records.
G. Nursing Services. A Registered Nurse shall observe each patient at least once per shift and the observations shall be documented in the patient's medical record.


Amended Jan. 1, 2016.
<Statutory authority: Promulgated under the Authority of Ark. Code Ann. ยง 20-7-123, 20-9-201 et seq.>
Current with amendments received through May 15, 2024. Some sections may be more current, see credit for details.
Ark. Admin. Code 007.05.10-41, AR ADC 007.05.10-41
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