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121.00.3-9. Distribution of Funds.

AR ADC 121.00.3-9Arkansas Administrative Code

West's Arkansas Administrative Code
Title 121. Arkansas State Library
Division 00.
Rule 3. General Improvement Fund Grant
Ark. Admin. Code 121.00.3-9
121.00.3-9. Distribution of Funds.
9.01 The ASL Board will budget and distribute General Improvement funds according to the following:
1. ASL and/or the ASL Board will develop funding priorities and amounts for each Focus Area to be included in the Guidelines and Application(s) Forms.
2. ASL and/or the ASL Board reserves the right to determine funding priorities and amounts based on the needs of public libraries and literacy councils.
Current with amendments received through February 15, 2024. Some sections may be more current, see credit for details.
Ark. Admin. Code 121.00.3-9, AR ADC 121.00.3-9
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