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Preliminary Materials

Arkansas Supreme Court Committee On Jury Instructions-Civil

Ark. Model Jury Instr., Civil Preliminary Materials
Arkansas Model Jury Instructions-Civil
November 2020 Update
Arkansas Supreme Court Committee On Jury Instructions-Civil
Preliminary Materials
What’s New in the 2021 Edition
New material in the 2021 Edition of Arkansas Practice Series, Model Jury Instructions—Civil includes:
  • • Updates to AMI 101, 102 and 103—Cautionary Instructions/Respective Duties of Judge and Jury (revised instructions and note on use and removal of 101A)
  • • Updates to 207 and 208—Issues-Imputed Conduct (revised notes on use)
  • • Updates to 307—Issues-Nonparty Fault (revised comment)
  • • Updates to 702—Scope of Authority-Scope of Employment-Definition (revised comment)
  • • Updates to 703—Scope of Employment-Employee Driving Employer’s Vehicle (revised instruction and comment)
  • • Updates to 714—Issues-Civil Conspiracy (revised instruction and comment)
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